Outages features allow the user to efficiently document their services' infrastructure and effectively communicate key information to users about upcoming planned outages.
Users only receive notifications on items they are interested in.
Users can manage which services or outages they wish to keep informed on. Further, the user can manage which outage events concern them. This way important information that user needs is never lost in the noise of message overload. The user knows that if Outages is telling them something, the user is going to be very interested in what that something is.
Email notifications proactively ensure all interested users are ready for an outage.
Users can be informed of new outages, changes to outages, outage completion as well as setting up reminders before outages start. Each user has a personal report of these events that they can see when they use the application - but they may also choose to receive important notifications by email. That way, Outages is working for the users even when they are busy with other tasks.
Outages allows you to capture and maintain your infrastructure architecture.
The architecture is captured as a set of services or configuration items. Each service may include a list of dependent services. This defines a set of other services that will go down in the event of an outage for the service. With all of the dependencies captured, Outages will now inform interested users for all systems impacted by an outage. No more surprised "I forgot that system would be affected"
At a glance picture of all the outages
Managers can set up Outages to give them a daily, weekly or monthly snap shot of all the planned outages on services that they are responsible for.